Christmas is Alive on Taffy Lane

I took a trip out to Taffy lane in Orleans this past Saturday night as I haven’t been there in a few years. I always heard, and saw how great it was and how much it improves each and every year. This picture was from three years ago, but I went by the same house this past weekend again, and it appears to be almost exactly the same. Santa is still having a bubble bath up front at the street. If in ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? This house along with one other are the two golden gems of the street. Without these two, I doubt that there would be much overall interest. Even this year, as I walked around the block (as I expected heavy vehicular traffic as it was in the past), I was surprised to see most houses have a pretty standard amount of lights. There are probably only about five to ten houses that look like Christmas exploded on them. Also, on Saturday night, at about 10:00pm, a week before Christmas, there were no cars driving around. I still parked in the church lot at the end of the street as I enjoy a nice frigid walk in the winter but it was not necessary. The immediate indicator of less overall people is that Taffy lane is no longer a one-way street during the Christmas season.

Since the amount of lights was not as exciting as previous visits, it still makes me wonder, are real estate agents obligated to tell perspective buyers about this neighborhood?  I feel like that should be disclosed by any home seller on the street. But, really….I’ll never live there so I don’t much care.

Back to the lights though. Despite my negative comments on the reduction of lighting, it’s still worth a trip out to Orleans with a Starbucks salted grande mocha-frappa-choca caramel machiatto with extra whip cream and colour sprinkles to walk around and get into the festive spirit. I say “thank you” to those people who are still going all out on the street, I do enjoy the trip out there. Keep up the good work, I’ll be back next year. And for those of you who haven’t been this year….it’s not too late!


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