Taffy Lane Update


After posting my initial reaction to Taffy lane, I’ve received a very nice email from the owner of the house in the picture. I would like to thank them for the email, and I’m honored and surprised that my post made its way to them. I won’t mention their name here as I don’t have permission, but they have pointed out several things that contradict what I’ve said. I would like to insert this from their email:

“I’m not sure how you missed my new 12 foot blow-up snowman from last year and his 2 companions that are a 6 foot fuzzy snowman and a 5 foot snowman that has twinkling blue lights inside of it. I have also added 2 new arches in the driveway with flashing lights, 2 fuzzy large light-up dogs with some mini Christmas trees up at the front, shooting LED tube lights, new twinkling blue snowflake lights on the upper and garage roof lines and then my most favourite newest addition this year……..the huge blow-up Santa and reindeer on my garage roof that is attached to my neighbour’s deck.”

I have to say that I didn’t notice there being this many differences. I was once again shocked and awed by the awesomeness of the Santa in the bath as it is by far, my favorite part. 🙂 I did notice the extra arch-ways over the driveway but failed to mention them. I have attached two new pictures of this year’s version of the house taken last weekend. I did not have my camera with me but I’ve obtained these from someone else. Admittedly they don’t show the true beauty of the decorations, as no picture could encompass the full effort put into the decorations, but you can see some of the differences as indicated to me in the email.

I have also been informed that the “one-way” status of the street is something that is ordered by the residents of the street but the city appears to have dragged their heels on installing it this year causing traffic issues.

So thank you again for your feedback on my blog, it is appreciated immensely. Your response has proven that there truly is Christmas cheer still remaining on Taffy Lane! And I reiterate to anyone reading this that if I can make the drive to see it from Barrhaven, you can also take some time and go see it before it all gets taken down until next year.


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