Hi there everyone,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my followers and readers for your remarkable support. I started Covert Ottawa Guy as a hobby by teaching myself how to use social media and how to make a website. After learning this within a week, I went live right at the end of December 2016. After four months, I’ve got almost 1,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram, and am recording an increasingly large number of website hits. I’m truly grateful for the feedback that I’ve received from you to date, and am working diligently to address suggestions even the “keep up the good work” comments. 🙂 In addition to maintaining this site and social media pages, I work full time for a living, and therefore, I chose to run this website in my spare time as a hobby and have yet to collect any monetary benefits from it, nor do I have any staff nor volunteers to complete all the research that goes into putting together all the information. All I’m asking now is for the continued growth of this website, so can you please share, like, re-tweet and tell all your friends about the work I’m doing. As my audience grows, the quality and quantity of my posts will also grow and I look forward to creating the best possible place in Ottawa to access event information.

Because of your support, I’m going into what I call “phase II” of my event promotion concept much earlier than I expected. I am happy to announce that you will soon be able to search events into the future with an interactive calendar that will be searchable by date, venue or category of events. I’ve prepared the calendar function but it’s taking a very, very long time to enter the information that I have previously collected. Stay tuned to this site as it’ll be ready to go live at some point this week!!

I’m pretty excited about this change, as it will provide quicker announcements and more information in order for readers to react to ticket sales and hopefully not find the dreaded “SOLD OUT” sign when buying tickets. I will continue with my weekly announcements as well, as I update these with the more “obscure” events outside of the big venues so you’ll still continue to get those notifications, but now you’ll also have the option to plan (in case I’m late). 🙂

Thanks everyone for your support,



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