Week at a Glance: Ottawa Events November 13th – 19th

I have completed my list of upcoming events for this week in Ottawa. There’s once a gain a great selection of events for all tastes. I feel as though it’s a busy week for kids with two Santa Claus parades on the weekend, Shrek the Musical at Centrepointe Theatres and Paw Patrol Live at Algonquin Commons Theatre. Aside from that, you’ll find some interesting festivals, the Canadian Video Game Competition and Expo all week, the Signatures Show (which I will definitely be attending) and a variety of live entertainment throughout the city.

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The following information is a brief summary only, and you can get full details by clicking the event link taking you to the event calendar. This calendar gets updated almost daily so stay up to date with any changes.

Monday November 13th, 2017


Tuesday November 14th, 2017






Wednesday November 15th, 2017


Thursday November 16th, 2017






Friday November 17th, 2017









Saturday November 18th, 2017


















Sunday November 19th, 2017














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