Ottawa Event Review: Christmas Glow – Glow Around the World!

Christmas Glow has arrived in Ottawa for the first time! This expanding annual Christmas event has been popping up across Canada over the past few years, and has now set up at the EY Centre for the next month. The theme is Christmas Around the World.


 I was invited to have a sneak peek at Glow on opening night to see what it is all about, and in short summary, it is all about family Christmas bonding! Although strongly marketed towards families with kids, adults will love this as well. It would make for a great date night, with over a million lights setting a romantic tone, with lots of opportunities for great photos.



The concept is relatively simple: each guest receives a passport upon entering the event, and as they make their way through the lights display, have the opportunity to “visit” multiple countries, experiencing some of the best tourist attractions that each country would offer. This includes the Tower bridge in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Taj Mahal in India. Guests can collect a stamp in their passport at each country, which makes for a fun activity for people of all ages!



In addition to visiting countries from around the world, guests can experience some great activities throughout the venue:  Santa will be visiting each day for the kids, there’s a train ride comparable in quality to the LRT (but with fewer breakdowns!), some cute animal bouncy toys, a HUGE playhouse, and my favourite, the icicle forest.







Boasting over 1,000,000 lights, Ottawa Christmas Glow has activities for everyone. There’s a stage set up in the main room featuring live music, with an eating area set up in front. We took in some Christmas tunes by Jeff Devalk. There’s a small market to the right of the stage, and a selection of drinks and food located around the room. Food choices are vast for adults and children with something for everyone!



It is such a beautiful event, and easily gets even the grumpiest scrooge into the Christmas spirit. Tickets are available through the website, or at the door, but I recommend looking at different times in prior to going. It seems to be cheaper to go on weekdays, and you save money by purchasing online. There are also discounts for seniors and kids.






Ottawa Christmas Glow runs from December 4th to January 4th so make sure you get out and support this exciting new event. Things like this are what make Ottawa such a fantastic city!! This event also provides the perfect backdrop for fantastic family photos, so if you haven’t had your Christmas pictures done yet, this is the perfect opportunity, there are stunning options at every turn. I would estimate that you can experience the whole event in about 2.5 hours, which will give you time for lunch and the opportunity to take in some of the live entertainment. I’ve only included a few photos in this review, and the event truly is overwhelming, and I don’t want to take too much surprise away from you! You’ll just have to go and see it for yourself.




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