Event Cancellation Update for Ottawa

As most of you know, I strive to maintain a complete and accurate list of events throughout the Ottawa area. COVID-19 has affected every industry globally, and the entertainment industry is not exempt from that list. I am striving to maintain an accurate list on my calendar, indicating which events are postponed or cancelled as quickly as possible.

Please keep in mind that I do not run these events myself, so if you are asking questions through my site or emails as to whether or not events are still a-go, I’m more than happy to help you, but I will likely have to look them up myself, so please give me time.

COVID-19 is a serious virus, and we need people to take it seriously. However, panic and hoarding are not the ways to do it. Using caution and following the Public Health guidelines are the way to do your part. As of publication time for this post, Ottawa has 3 known cases, but that’s expected to increase. Let’s all stay calm and work through this together. May I suggest that if you come in contact with someone who is infected, while you may be looking at a 14-day quarantine period, you don’t need 500 rolls of toilet paper; I don’t care what you are eating, even TacoBell. Also, please keep in mind there are people who legitimately need supplies for their daily lives such as toilet paper, sanitizer and baby wipes who are unable to purchase them when they actually need them. On a personal note, I am expecting the arrival of “Covert Ottawa Baby” in less than a month, so it would be nice to be able to purchase baby wipes to actually use as we need them! (Okay, I’m off my SOAP box now).

Believe me, I more than most people are frustrated by the fallout of this pandemic, but we all have to adapt until it passes. I personally will continue to take part in events that I would normally have gone to, as I try to keep as much normalcy in my life as is reasonably possible. As events get postponed, I will make changes to the calendar indicating this in as timely a fashion as possible. I will also add postponed events directly on this post to make it a live document.

One last thing: it’s a really big decision for an event organizer to cancel or postpone their event, so let’s be respectful when that decision is made; the last thing anyone needs in this trying time is hostility, aggressiveness or further stress.

Thanks everyone for reading, let’s get this thing fought off, and get back to reality, hopefully in time for festival season.


Covert Ottawa Guy

Latest Postponements (Chronologically):

March 13th – Ottawa 67’s vs. Oshawa Generals – Suspended

March 13th – March 15th – Disney on Ice – Cancelled

March 13th – CATS – Cancelled

March 13th – 29th – Daisy at the GCTC – Postponed

March 13th – 15th – Rock of Ages @ Meridian Theatres (Centrepointe) – Cancelled

March 14th – DJ Skate Night @ TD Place – Cancelled

March 14th – CATS (both shows) – Cancelled

March 15th – Ottawa 67’s vs. Kingston Frontenacs – Suspended

March 15th – CATS (both shows) – Cancelled

March 14th – St Patrick’s Day Party by Beau’s @ Aberdeen – Cancelled

March 15th – Rock of Ages – Cancelled

March 16th – March 19th – March Break Public Skate – Cancelled

March 16th – Awesomepreneurs – Cancelled

March 17th – 21st – Dancing at Lughnasa @ The Gladstone – Postponed

March 18th – Ottawa Senators vs. Edmonton Oilers – Postponed

March 18th – Matthew Good and His Band – Postponed

March 18th – Dara O Brian – Postponed

March 19th – Kane Brown Concert – Postponed

March 19th – Matthew Good and His Band – Postponed

March 19th – Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers – Postponed

March 19th – 22nd – Ottawa Gatineau Auto Show

March 20th – Legends of Motown @Meridian Theatres – Postponed

March 20th – Ottawa 67’s vs. Peterborough Petes – Suspended

March 20th – Pearl Jam Concert – Postponed

March 21st – Amanda Rheaume – Cancelled

March 21st – How to Get to Heaven – Cancelled

March 21st – Double Dutch with the NAC Orchestra – Cancelled

March 21st – Rebel 101.7 Real Rock Concert Series – Postponed

March 21st – 613Flea – Cancelled

March 21st and 22nd – Ottawa Coffee Festival – Postponed

March 22nd – Chris Botti – Cancelled

March 24th – Ottawa Senators vs. Florida Panthers – Postponed

March 26th – Crackup Comedy Festival @ Algonquin Commons – Postponed

March 27th – Big Sugar Concert – Cancelled

March 27th – 29th – Ottawa Home and Garden Show – Cancelled

March 27th – Indulge Ottawa – Postponed

March 27th – Nature Nocturne – Cancelled

March 27th – Queers and Beers – Postponed

March 27th – 29th – Ottawa Geek Market – Cancelled

March 27th – 29th – Ottawa Psychic Fair – Postponed

March 28th – The Glorious Sons Concert – Postponed

March 28th – Alan Doyle Concert – Cancelled

March 29th – Harlem Globetrotters – Postponed

April 2020

April 1st – Chad Brownlee – Cancelled

April 2nd – 4th – National Ballet of Canada – Cancelled

April 2nd – Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin III – Cancelled

April 2nd – 5th – Signatures Show @ EY Centre – Cancelled

April 3rd – Shay Lia – Cancelled

April 3rd – Snowed in Comedy Tour – Cancelled

April 4th – Nature Sleepover for Families – Cancelled

April 4th – Toronto Comedy All-Stars – Posponed

April 4th – Legends Show @ Meridian Theatres – Cancelled

April 4th – 5th – CRAVE – Postponed to November

April 5th – Legends Show @ Shenkman – Cancelled

April 11th – 613Flea – Cancelled


Updated 8:00pm March 15th


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