Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Easter Monday Edition

Happy Easter Monday!! This is quite possibly the strangest Easter weekend that I can remember, and I’m sure that’s the same for most of you. Week #5 of social isolating is kicking off today, and it’s becoming harder to keep busy and not go stir crazy. I’m a bit of a news watcher, but I do it with an open mind, and as a semi-media personality myself, I do take what I read/hear with a grain of salt knowing that the drama of what is being reported directly impacts ratings so things tend to be a little sensationalized. However, the toll of COVID-19 is real, and it’s not just an inconvenience so we need to treat it as such. They’re saying potentially months in this state, so get ready to hunker down for a long summer.



The event world, like most industries has suffered due to the pandemic, but fortunately, the human species in general has the ability to adapt and to create a new normal when we are faced with a crisis. The events industry has discovered new opportunities and will continue doing so where it can.

Events Calendar Update

This week, I’ve made some changes to the Events Calendar on my website. Although I still have events loaded that require in-person attendance (which are all cancelled or postponed), I will be editing them week by week as this social distancing continues. I am however loading more and more virtual events including arts activities, concerts, and a variety of other interesting and entrepreneurial events that I think would be entertaining for you and offer a break to the monotony.



To see just the on-line/virtual events on the calendar, I’ve created an event category for these events so you can have a true picture of what there is to do and not be discouraged by all the postponement and cancellation messages:

Festival Updates:

This week has been another depressing one with some more major festivals being cancelled. The Ottawa Jazz Festival was shut down for this year, Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival is called off, and most recently, the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival will no longer be held.


Tweet of the Week:

Although I don’t tweet too much, I’m do enjoy a good scroll through my Twitter feed. One I wanted to share was from Sandra Plagakis at KISS FM this past week (although seems to have been removed) as she mentioned it’s funny how much she’s learned about herself by staying home.

  • Teenagers eat a shocking amount of food.

  • Napping is the only thing that keeps me from snacking.

  • Will my dog need therapy when everything gets back to normal and no one’s fighting over who will walk her?

  • Tiger King made me feel much better about my life choices.

  • Tik Tok is my current life choice (follow me @sandrakiss1053 haha)

  • Quarantine wine tastes better than regular wine.

  • There’s no “I” in “Quranteam”

NBA Horse

If you’re a basketball fan, check out the series of the NBA Horse Competition on YouTube, it’ll keep you occupied for a while, and it’s a ton of fun!

“There There” Video Release

Last year, I had the privilege of attending a concert by There There at the Art House Café. I reviewed the event of this unique, emotional concert, and I loved it. You can read my review by clicking here. I mention it only because the lead singer, Tim Bolton, has recorded a video concert with some background to his songs. It was recorded just this year at Turning Point. This compilation is put together professionally and looks and sounds great! You can watch this concert on YouTube here: Let’s help support local musicians and bring up his views!!

Musical Theatre Radio

So obviously all the theatres have been shut down through Ottawa, but for those of you who are really big into musical theatre, you still have an option. Check out the Musical Theatre Radio station to get your fix of show tunes! From the website:

“MTR -Musical Theatre Radio is dedicated to playing stage shows from the musical theatre repertoire ranging from the 1890’s to now. Shows that are both popular and rare, exposing the listening audience to a broad range of productions from around the world with a focus on supporting new works.”



As mentioned, I’m going to be putting an emphasis on the virtual events that will be available for us to take part in going forward as the end of the social distancing doesn’t appear to be near. So, let’s continue working through this together, and get back to festival season, hopefully for July!

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2 thoughts on “Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Easter Monday Edition”

  1. Larry CharleboisLa

    Excellent weekly newsletter. You have responded to cancellations in a very positive way with the virtual events calendar. I hope you can ‘attend’ some and review them for us. Your Tiger King recommendation brought me several entertaining hours I would otherwise have slept through. I watch for this newsletter each week and hope you can keep it going.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! Good idea on the virtual event reviews! As wasn’t Tiger King great….I hear there’s a follow up series coming soon staring Joe Exotic.

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