Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Quarantine Week #4 Version

Good afternoon! I’m a little late on the newsletter this week. We’re celebrating the birth of Covert Ottawa Baby this weekend!! Mom and baby are healthy and happily at home preparing for our uncertain near future. Week #4 of social isolation hasn’t made anything easier, that’s for sure. I’m actually sitting in front of the door at the hospital waiting for mom and baby to come out from their appointment. I wasn’t allowed in the hospital for the delivery, nor am I allowed in for the follow up appointments. It’s very sad, but it will work out and will also provide a great story for our little guy when he gets older.

This week has very little change from last week on the events stage, with nothing happening around the city ‘in person’, but there is an increase in online events to keep us occupied while staying home. I’ve kept the events calendar up to date on a week by week basis, adding many online and virtual events so you can still check that out for ideas to keep busy.

Festival Season

Our first major festival casualty was announced last week. The Ottawa Fringe Festival was officially cancelled for 2020. This annual event highlights fantastic local theatre and will be truly missed this week. When we have the opportunity, we must make sure to support our arts community after the COVID-19 situation is over.



My advice and a little story:

As I mentioned, I’m sitting in front of the main door at the General Hospital as I write this. I’m people watching, as I love to do, and I can’t get over how ridiculous and angry people are. The turn-around loop at the hospital’s main entrance is simply crazy town, and I don’t mean the band. Some people have no common sense and seemingly no ability to be nice to each other and work together. It’s a really sad state of affairs that we’re in. One would hope that this whole pandemic situation would bring us closer together to pull through it  as a community, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case. I see people honking and yelling at others here frequently. There’s just so much negativity. However, that being said, I’m currently watching a load of pizzas being dropped off with a huge “Thank You” sign from the pizza supplier. I’m not certain where they are coming from, but there must have been at least 20-30 pizzas sent in. The staff at the hospital have been amazing to us, and they are working under very scary conditions. It’s a reminder here that everyone is stressed, and we all are struggling to deal with this pandemic. We need to focus on being kind to each other!

Viral Video of the week:

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but I absolutely love it. This dad totally bested his teenaged daughter in this dance off. I’m so proud of him. I only WISH I could do this, haha!

I know it’s a short newsletter this week, but as mentioned, it’s been a pretty busy weekend with very little sleep. I’ll do better next week, I promise! Have a happy Easter Weekend, and keep up the fight. Each passing week, we get closer to the end of this situation.

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