Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Last Week of Summer Edition

Welcome to Monday, the start of another work week after a fantastic weekend. Weekends and week days should definitely be swapped, we really need more time to relax and enjoy life. And yes, I’m speaking to those of you in the 9-5 grind, but even if you’re not working, there’s still something magical about a sunny Sunday afternoon. I feel like extending weekends is something that should be put into an election platform to garner extra votes. That, and bringing Turks and Caicos into Canada to be our 11th province! Have any of you had that discussion in your social circles? We just need a new (or existing) political party to wrangle up the courage to create this ridiculously amazing platform! JT won his election by being “young” and “cool” and legalizing marijuana, so stranger things have happened.



Last week, I named my post the “Back to Basics” edition as I started focusing a little more on events than I have been for a few months. Each week there are an increasing number of events running, so I have a little more to say about those, and less to say about reality TV, or whatever other crap I can find to write about! However, I like that other crap, and I’ve received some positive feedback on it, so I’ll be keeping some of it at the end of the newsletter.

National Mojito Day

I had to start with the most important event first, right? National Mojito Day is July 11th, however the folks at Ottawa Pub Crawls seem to want to celebrate it this week, and really, why not? Is there a bad day to have a mojito? That drink takes me back to Mexico, where I stayed with my wife (then fiancé) at a resort in Puerto Vallarta called the Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills. This wasn’t the same as the big Grand Sirenis in Riviera Maya, but it certainly was relaxing and tropical. The resort was built right into a forest area on a big hill, and we found this great little nook where we spent most of our days overlooking the jungle view, away from other people, lounging in the sun, and…finally to my point….drinking mojitos. That is the memory that mojitos have for me now, and likely all my life. But….I digress. I could talk about Mexican resorts all day, so I’ll stop there.



Back in Ottawa, The Mojito Day Crawl takes place on Saturday, the 29th from 2 – 6pm in the Byward Market. You’ll “crawl” to the Blue Cactus, Sidedoor, Bar Lucy, and Luxe Bistro. Tickets are $24.99, with a whole whack of stuff included. You need to get them in advance though, as you can’t buy them the day of the event. According to the Eventbrite page, they’re 60% sold out.

Ottawa New Years Eve Charity Ball



My absolute favourite New Year’s Eve party has been cancelled for this year, at least physically. In lieu of the event, the Destiny’s Way Foundation is planning an online experience with silent auctions, prizes and a virtual celebration. Stay tuned for more details, because let’s be honest, it’s August and we’re living in the worst pandemic that any of us have seen in our lives, so I know many people are looking to make new year’s plans already, if only to have something to look forward to!


Capital Pride

Pride has arrived this week. This much anticipated annual festival is normally chalk-full of incredible events around the city, leading up to the epic Pride Parade on the final day. As with all other festivals this year, the physical events are either cancelled or significantly downgraded. But there is still lots to celebrate, and festival management have put together a fantastic schedule of virtual events that touch on all aspects of the festival. The mission of Capital Pride is to create opportunities to celebrate, advocate, educate and connect people, respecting the full diversity of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Their schedule of events definitely supports that mission!



Capital Pride have a full schedule posted on their website; you can find all the details on their official events by clicking here. There are plenty of events throughout the city that aren’t specifically organized by Capital Pride, so keep an eye on my events calendar as well, and notices at your favourite establishments.

The Random Section

I have a new morning routine, taking advantage of a path in Greely called the Greely Loop. This 7km route winds through most of the community, allowing one to take in all of what Greely has to offer. Some may say that it isn’t very much, but there are some great houses and very friendly people around here! I go on this stroll every morning for about 2 hours with the Covert Baby loaded into his stroller. He sleeps through about half of it, so I’ve been looking for a source of stimulation while he’s asleep. I’ve discovered podcasts. Yeah, I know they’ve been around a long time, and I’ve even been invited to speak on three of them in the past year or so, but I’ve never really taken the time to see what’s out there as I’ve never really had the spare time to listen to them.

I downloaded Google podcasts, and the first suggestion I had based on my interests was the Tim Ferriss Show. I’ve read a couple of his books, including “The 4 Hour Work Week” and “Tools of the Titans,” and I’ve found myself incredibly inspired by Tim, so I jumped all over his podcast. My favourite so far are “The Random Shows” with fellow podcaster, entrepreneur and inventor Kevin Rose. These shows are fantastic, despite some repetition in the conversation topics. They talk about everything, and it’s really entertaining. Tim Ferriss truly is inspirational! His successes have allowed him to live an incredible life where he has pushed his limits to the extreme. His exciting adventures make for excellent stories.



On the most recent “The Random Show” episode, Tim and Kevin discuss the Mike Tyson fight coming up on September 12th (my birthday!!) and I was wondering what decade this podcast was recorded in. Turns out that Tyson is coming out of retirement at 54 years old. He’ll be hitting the ring against 29-year-old Roy Jones Jr., a former four-division world champion. Even though this is an exhibition fight, I don’t know how Jones thinks he can even begin to compete against the beast Tyson. According to, Tyson weighs in at 5’10 and 233 pounds, whereas Roy Jones is 5’11, and 199 pounds. Even though this is just a fun match, it’s going to be interesting to watch. Happy Birthday to me!

So that’s it for the week! Thanks everyone for reading again this week. I’m changing up my format slightly each week to find something that fits going forward. I think I’m almost there, but who knows! Please subscribe to this newsletter to have it delivered directly to your inbox. When you subscribe, you’ll only receive this weekly newsletter, plus important event announcements and my event reviews once those are one again possible. I promise I won’t clog up your inbox! Once events and festivals start up again, I will be running ticket promotions and giveaways on social media, but there will also be separate ones for subscribers to my blog (yes, I’m trying to buy your love!) Have a great week everyone, and stay safe!

To finish off this week, let’s play a game courtesy of @Natasha_Everest on TikTok. How many can you put a finger down for?? I’m at 8, which isn’t too bad I don’t think. I’m not an LRT user, and I love Ottawa so I’m not leaving.


As usual, if you have any comments to make on this post, or want to discuss something further, please leave some feedback!

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