Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Labour Day AND My Birthday Edition

Happy Labour Day weekend everyone!! I know it’s almost over, but why not celebrate the last day of it right? Hopefully you’re all having an exceptionally great weekend and enjoying the final opportunity of freedom, aka the end of your summer holidays. Many of your kiddos are headed back to school next week, and hopefully you have all the details you need for them. Every school board is a little different so you might get one more week of quality time with your kids! That reminds me of this commercial; I love it and watch it like a Christmas tradition each year:

It’s going to be a trying and scary time for many of us, but it’s just the next step we have to take to get back to our normal. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I watch the pandemic case numbers pretty closely, and we’ve been pretty stable for about a month now. It’s not necessarily a “good” stable, but I’m trying to give it a positive spin, so I’d rather have stable than sporadic, and I’m sure the health care providers would agree. We need to get that “stable” back into single digits again to make me happier though.

This week’s newsletter is going to be much shorter than normal. I’m actually taking a vacation this weekend and didn’t allot myself the usual time to complete the hours of research I like to do to find some quality yet strange topics to add into the post, so I’ll be keeping it simple and hopefully will let the excitement build for next week. Ok, so it’s not really “hours” of research, but I like to put in some fun stuff that I hope you like too.

Concert Announcements

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve got concert announcements to report on! Once again, Wesley Clover Park has brought in some bigger names to their beautiful venue as part of their Budweiser Zero Concert Series. I’ve previously mentioned that Deadmau5 has two shows this coming weekend, The Trews were in town a couple weeks ago, and The Sheepdogs are coming for a show on September 19th. That list has officially grown!!



Friday September 18th, you can drive over and watch Big Wreck take the stage, and on Sunday, September 27th, Dean Brody will be in town. You can get the details for all these shows, plus buy your tickets through the Wesley Clover Drive-In Theatre Website. With the weekend booked up with concerts, there are no movies scheduled though, you’ll just have to go see Deadmau5 instead! (FYI, tickets are 85% sold out for the SECOND show so get them NOW if you’re planning on going).



Bits and Bytes

So this is the section that I normally put random stuff in for your entertainment that usually has very little to do with anything! I really use this section to justify calling myself a blogger. I really don’t blog much, but I figure if I talk about nothing once a week, I can meet the strict definition of a blogger:

According to Webster’s:



blog·​ger | \ ˈblȯ-gər  , ˈblä- \

plural bloggers

Definition of blogger

a person who writes for and maintains a blog


Seems pretty straight forward, so I guess I can go with it! Horray, I’m a blogger. (sorry, I’m writing this quite late at night after a very busy, and exhausting day with the Covert Baby, so my sense of humour isn’t up to par at the moment).


So I mentioned movies above, did anyone see Mulan this weekend? I guess it was released on Saturday. What a great flick!! I have to admit, I didn’t see the original animated one, or at least I wasn’t awake while it was playing, but I really enjoyed the new version. I haven’t heard anyone else’s view on it though, so if you’d like, leave a comment below! I’d love to know what you thought. Was it worth the million dollars that you had to pay for it? (because nobody downloaded it for free).



So, since there’s no specification on how long said blog needs to be, because I’m a blogger ya know….that’s it for me this week! This coming Saturday is my birthday!! Woohoo! I think I’ll stay home and relax with the fam-jam. Sounds like a pretty perfect day; hopefully the sun is out. Have a great week everyone, and enjoy your school time whether it be in-class or virtual. It’s a fun new world we live in isn’t it?

Stay safe, and be good to each other. Cheers!


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