Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: The Goodbye-For-Now Edition

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend and that everyone remained safe in whatever activities you ended up doing. I personally stayed at home and just had a quiet night in. My wife took the #CovertBaby for a walk with her group through the neighbourhood. He was dressed as a pineapple and looked so cute.

This week is a much shorter post, and probably the hardest one for me to write yet. I would like to first thank everyone for reading my blog. It’s been an honour to write this every week, and the positive feedback I’ve received over the past several months has been amazing and heart-warming.

Despite the increasing amount of readership, I must announce that due to personal and family related reasons, linked to the #CovertBaby, I am suspending the blog. This truly is a very hard decision but with a heavy heart, it must be done. I simply don’t have the time available anymore to maintain the quality of posts that I aspire to create.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you have to make difficult decisions that may ultimately cause you to give up one thing that you love for another. There are only so many hours in the day, and I am no longer able to commit to the time it takes to write my weekly blog. However, the #CovertBaby and my immediate family unit will remain strong and cared for. The demands of a challenging baby outweigh the necessity of an entertainment blog. I hope you all understand why I had to make this decision.

I will continue to update the events calendar to the best of my ability and I do plan on coming back to this, perhaps sooner rather than later, but only time will tell. I’ll also continue to maintain social media accounts and email so please feel free to interact with me on those platforms.

Thanks again for your support over the past four years, I will be back, and stronger than ever.


Have a great week, stay healthy, and be kind to one another!


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