New Years Eve Parties in Ottawa – Yikes

Hi everyone!

I normally post an annual list of all the hottest parties in Ottawa for New Year’s Eve, but like last year, it’s not going to happen this year. I was originally planning doing that type of post this year, but then our friend Omicron hit like a hammer, and event spaces started closing fast and capacities started being cut. Almost all of the major annual NYE parties have shut down their planned in-person events. That, combined with the fact that the Covert Baby came home from daycare as the COVID Baby the week before Christmas, made working on my website a little challenging. So all four of us have been fighting a variety of COVID symptoms here at home for the past 8 days. Almost over it though, and our isolation ends this week! Hooray!

Now, that’s not to say that there’s nothing to do on NYE this year. I’ve added a couple of options to the events calendar, but only some of the more unique or elaborate parties. In addition to those, I suggest using your old friend Facebook or Google and look up NYE events, if you’re still looking to socialize publicly – although, I really don’t recomend this COVID thing: it sucks. Especially if you’ve got 2 babies at home.

I’ve taken some time and looked through local events listings, and it seems as though most of the bigger watering holes around the city are still ringing in the new year with some form of party. There are way too many of those places for me to list, but if you’re still looking to go out, have at ‘er and see what you can find. Just please be safe so that we can finally put this pandemic behind us.

Happy New Year!!

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