Covert Ottawa Guy Update: What’s Happening in Ottawa This Week: Single’s Awareness, and Family Day

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are all set for the exciting week ahead. This week is special even before we consider events. In case it has slipped your mind, it’s singles awareness day (Valentine’s Day) on Tuesday, so I hope you’ve prepared for whichever of those applies to you! And for those of you who don’t work in the public service, you can look forward to the long week as you celebrate Family Day!

You may be thinking… Valentine’s Day events are all pretty much all the same, right? The candlelight dinner, roses, chocolate, and romantic music all set the scene while you enjoy special moments with your significant other. OR…you can head over to Orleans Brewing Company for Simpsons Valentines Trivia night!! What a great way to spend the most romantic night of the year…I love it!

OBC Facebook Event Page

Hallmark holidays aside, it is also a busy week for events around town! We’ve got a week full of hockey and concerts coming up. In hockey, the Sens have three home games this week, so why not head out and support them while they figure out if they’re going to shoot for the playoffs or crash and burn to win the Bedard lottery? The games this week are on Monday against the Calgary Flames, Friday against the Chicago Blackhawks, and Sunday  (a matinee) against the St. Louis Blues. If you’re looking for some high caliber junior hockey, the Ottawa 67’s take on the Oshawa Generals on Friday night.

If you’re in the mood for a concert, this is the week for you! With the exception of Monday, each day this week has some great bands that you should see live! I’ll save you some reading and just list the great shows by day of the week:

As for my week ahead, on Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be heading over to Irene’s for a FestConnect event, where I’ll get to meet up with the Ottawa Festivals folks while they’re launching  this year’s Ottawa GrassRoots Festival; I’ll learn all about what to expect this year! We truly live in the best city for festivals, and that season is coming very quickly!!

Grass Roots Festival Facebook Page

Finally, I want to mention another festival happening this week! Although not part of the Ottawa Festival network, the “Big Bounce Festival” is setting up Friday and Saturday at the Aberdeen Pavilion. I dug through their website and really don’t know what to expect with this, other than dozens of bouncy castles of course! When you get your tickets, you select a time so that it’s not overcrowded at any point. A quick calculation of the cost shows that it will run you about $80 or so for a family of 4 (2 adults/2 kids).

Now, let’s talk Superbowl: what an amazing game! As mentioned last week, I decided to cheer for the Eagles just because I have a close friend who has been an Eagles fan his whole life. For those who are wondering after last week’s post: he did not message or comment on his shout out. Pfff. Anyway, the GAME! First off, in case you missed the historical significance, this is the first Superbowl ever to have brother vs. brother. Eagles Centre Jason Kelce was up against his brother, KC Tight-End Travis Kelce, each seeking their second Superbowl ring. That makes for some interesting dinner table conversation, I’d imagine! The game was superb from the kick-off right through to the last play. We got to see back-to-back opening drive touchdowns, a missed field goal hitting the post, and a defensive touchdown off a fumble recovery; and that was just the first half!

I really liked the halftime show this year. It was a nice change and much more simple than usual despite the levitating platforms. All the rumours of a top-secret guest proved to be only rumours….unless you count the 200 Michelin men scattered around the field. They were pretty great! This performance replaced the usual shock and awe that we’ve become accustomed to, with strong choreography, an impressive solo performance by Rihanna, and of course, some great fireworks!

NFL Halftime Show – YouTube (Sorry for the ugly grey box – click the YouTube link for the official video)

The second half picked up right where the first left off, with some intense football, great plays and an injured Patrick Mahomes. The KC 65 yard punt return that set up a touch down was the longest punt return in Superbowl history, and man, it was exciting! That KC excitement was short-lived though when Eagles QB Hurts fought his way downfield to respond with Philadelphia’s own TD and a 2-point convert to tie the game at 35. In the end, KC came back, ate up the 2-minute warning and won with a field goal. Not the most exciting end to the game, but the lead up was incredible! Final score 38-35 Kansas City (in case you didn’t watch or haven’t heard already).

I know that we don’t get the highly anticipated Superbowl commercials that you can see in the US, but I do appreciate the previews: we seem to get a look at some of the movies and shows that are coming out soon. I’m pretty stoked about seeing Harrison Ford back as Indiana Jones! I was a huge fan growing up, and I am so excited to see the new one!

On that topic, several years ago I was put in my place by some random guy I didn’t even know. I was out with a group people, and we were talking movies and actors. I made the comment that I loved Harrison Ford, because who else could successfully play Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan? I was very quickly shot down by this guy because, “that’s all the same character!” Yikes…the guy really took it personally, I think! Anyway…Yay for a new Indiana Jones movie!

Other notable movies/show trailers are Season 3 of The Mandalorian, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and Cocaine Bear (although I’m not sure how I feel about that!)

Cocaine Bear Official Trailer

That’s it for me this week. Thanks very much for reading and please share this with your friends! Until next week!!

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