Our Land, Our Art at the Museum of Nature

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Our Land, Our Art exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature. This very special exhibition is a collaboration between the museum and Avataq Cultural Institute, who together invited artists from across Quebec’s Nunavik region to create artwork inspired by objects from Avataq’s collections.

For those that may not be familiar, Nunavik is home to many Inuit. Each piece of artwork was representative of the artist’s relationship with the land.

I was moved by each and every piece of artwork in this collection. They span a number of creative mediums, including photography, videography, audio, and textile works. Each is so beautifully unique in how the maker tied the piece to their land, their history, and their culture. My personal favourite was the piece created by Taqralik Partridge, who created an intricately beaded traditional article of clothing. It is an absolutely breathtaking work of art.

Photo Credit: Dan Smythe

Other featured artists include Qumaq M. Iyaituk, Passa Mangiuk and Lucasi Kitainaq, each very talented in their chosen medium. It was fascinating to experience Nunavik through the creative lenses of these makers, and to understand their relationship with the land in a deeper way through their art.

Photo Credit: Dan Smythe

This special exhibition is temporary, running from December 2nd 2022 through October 14th, 2024. It is presented in the Northern Voices Gallery, located inside the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to see it while you can; it is a wonderful tribute to the magnificence of Nunavik through the eyes of its Indigenous peoples, and a celebration of their artistic talents. You don’t want to miss it!

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