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RUN COYOTE + Touch Grass + Jude Zappala

May 30 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Presented by: Fisher Collective
Doors: 8pm / 19+
Cover: $15

RUN COYOTE (Toronto Rock)
Run Coyote is a noir-tinged rock’n’roll band that tells the shadowy stories of the city: the fatal affairs of late-night lovers, the adventures of downtown cowboys, and the chase and foil of private eyes. Run Coyote mixes “surf rock and western swagger” to “create sounds that might be a sync license in a vintage Hollywood silver screen picture” (Ian McFarland, It’s Not Records).
After spending the pandemic years writing and recording, Run Coyote is releasing a new EP this fall, Songs to Run to. The EP features the more personal side of Sam Allen’s songwriting, set to the most exciting rock music the band has released yet. New single “No More Running” out now!

TOUCH GRASS (Ottawa Indie )
Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, “Touch Grass” is not just a sardonic phrase for the chronically online. It’s a loving invitation to run your hands through the tender blades and find the joy all around you!
At a Touch Grass show, Adam, Cam, Flynn, and Brad will envelop you with gorgeous grooves, luscious licks, and insightful lyricism, leaving you feeling a little more down to earth than before.
Have a seat! The grass is fine!
Jude Zappala (Ott indie/alt rock)
Called “extremely talented” by compatriots and “unjustifiably damp” by Yelp reviewers, Jude Zappala is a musician from god knows where. He has recorded two EPs and five albums since 2021 and will continue to do so until we can locate the basement from which he operates. His music has been compared to that of Wilco and Dirty Projectors, and his photograph was once compared to a police sketch of the Ottawa Valley Arsonist. He currently attends Carleton University.


House of TARG
1077 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3W9 Canada
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