Best for Large scale events, typically with a higher ticket price and a longer pre-sale run. Provides optimal exposure of events that are dependent on ticket sales for event success. The use of the direct promotional announcement, in media-release format, ensures maximum audience reach, with a direct message delivered to website subscribers and the announcement featured on the website.


Platinum Package



  • Posting to Event Calendar with basic information and picture
  • Instagram Promotion Post (may be taken down after event is over)
  • Twitter Promotion prior to event and reminder just before (reminder timing to be advised by host)
  • Special Direct Promotional Announcement Post with full details through the Covert Ottawa Guy Website (Media Release Type)
  • Facebook Direct Post and Share of the Promotional Announcement from the Website
  • Inclusion in the "Featured Event" countdown on the website.


All events listed on this website are considered at the "Bronze Package"
Services listed in each package are a minimum, and additional promotion may occur at the discretion of Covert Ottawa Guy.

Payment can be completed through EMT only at this time. All prices include taxes and any applicable fees.

Any specific timing for post announcements must be indicated to Covert Ottawa Guy, otherwise a reasonable amount of time for each notification of the promotion will be assumed at the discretion of Covert Ottawa Guy.

Although I try to keep this site as an all inclusive site, I reserve the right to refuse to promote some events that do not meet the criteria for entertainment. Some examples may include, but are not limited to, religious, political or other sensitive subjects at the discretion of Covert Ottawa Guy.

COG - Package information request

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