I take pride in the amount of time that I invest in researching all the sources of information available to list events in the Ottawa area, but things change quickly and I may not find everything. If you are responsible for hosting, or are aware of an event that you'd like promoted through this website, please feel free to contact me with your details and I'll be happy to oblige.

The main goal of Covert Ottawa Guy is to provide equal opportunity to all hosts to promote their events in an all-inclusive format unlike many other events sites. I will continue to do so but for some people, additional and guaranteed coverage may be more appropriate. Select from the options below.

Silver Package

Best for Mid-sized events on a slightly larger scale that are still available at a limited cost to patrons; this package is designed to target the general public through the events calendar, while providing slightly more exposure through a promotional post on instagram.

Gold Package

Best for Medium-large scale events with mid-range ticket prices, including recurring events. This package is designed to reach a wide and diverse audience through the use of multiple social media platforms for maximum exposure.

Platinum Package

Best for Large scale events, typically with a higher ticket price and a longer pre-sale run. Provides optimal exposure of events that are dependent on ticket sales for event success. The use of the direct promotional announcement, in media-release format, ensures maximum audience reach, with a direct message delivered to website subscribers and the announcement featured on the website.

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